This darling of a ladle has finally made it out of of my mind, and ready for your kitchen. I have thought about every detail of this ladle for over a year now and I am as proud as I would be a first born. The long and slightly tilted handle was made for a large soup pot, and has a sweet little square hook at the end so it doesn’t fall in. The bowl / spoon is not huge, but it makes for a good size scoop of soup and a beautiful pour into your bowl. What more could you want?

The Round Ladle has been made using beautifully dark Totara from old railway sleepers up north.

75mm x 295mm - Approx.

inside bowl depth 20mm - Approx.


Goods are made from recycled and reclaimed New Zealand native timber. This piece has been oiled using a food safe Tung Nut Oil. This product is “cold pressed” from the seeds of fruit from the Tung Nut Tree, these are not legumes i.e., peanuts which are the usual cause of allergic reactions in some people. Then the spoon is finished with a food safe New Zealand made beeswax. This

Each item is individually hand made, and is completely unique in form and grain. The piece you buy is one of a kind, therefore your purchase will vary slightly from the product image.

Pieces can be made to order if out of stock, please allow 4-5 weeks for delivery.

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